At Feet First Clinic we take great pride in providing the finest foot care. Our priority is to deliver quality foot care to patients in a comfortable and convenient setting. Our team can help alleviate your foot, knee, ankle and back pain, as well as prescribe custom made orthotics and recommend appropriate footwear.

We specialise in the treatment of all types of all foot and ankle conditions. We have special interest and have expertise diabetic foot and it’s complications. It includes:

  • Routine footcare and Follow-ups.
  • Foot examination & assessments.
  • Diabetic foot and management.
  • Foot, ankle and sports related problems.
  • Foot Biomechanic Studies  – Static, Postural and Gait analysis.
  • Customised insoles and orthotics.
  • FootCare & Footwear Solutions.
  • Treatments for corns and callosities, In-growing toe nails.
  • PediCare – Specialised Pedicure for Diabetics.
  • Symptomatic relief for Neuropathy – Pain, Burning and tingling sensations.

We see a cross section of patients, ranging from children to elderly population. Our expertise is in treating patients with diabetes and other foot related problems requiring specialised care.

We utilize an integrative approach so that we can better serve the needs of our patients. We have a great team of professionals and support staff geared toward providing personalised footCare using state of the art technology and modalities as well as patient education and couselling.