Foot Sensations Tests – Neuoropathy Assessment


Digital Biothesiometer For Quantification of Diabetic Poly Neuropathy and assessment of risk of ulceration.
Loss of sensation due to neuropathy is the major cause of painless injuries in diabetic patients. The vibratory perception threshold at various sites on plantar foot quantifies the loss of sensation. This has a manual control for applying vibration; it helps reduce the testing time by reaching close to the anticipated level faster. One can then gradually increase or decrease the voltages applied for precise detection of VPT. Being digital,it gives very accurate readings. Increase in VPT means diminished sensation and more risk of ulceration fora diabetic Foot



For Early Detection of Neuropathy Detection of Heat Cold and associated Pain perception thresholds.
Sensitometer HCP can cool to near freezing temperatures. And heating is restricted to 49 0 Centigrade. It has various modes to test the thresholds. Considering the foot geometry and for better response for heat pain in early stages of neuropathy, a circular noble metal probe tip is used with hard gold plating.