Diabetic Foot Wounds


Medical and surgical management of wounds associated with diabetes.


Our specially trained doctors provide leading-edge treatment techniques for patients with diabetic foot. We give patients personal attention and continuity of care throughout the entire wound-management process.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Our main treatment goal is to avoid surgery by successfully treating the diabetic foot with non-surgical treatment options. In addition, we offer medication management and collaborate with diabetes educators to ensure that patients understand how to care for themselves when they have diabetes.

Surgical Treatment Options

A wide-range of surgical options, including radical debridement, skin grafts, advanced limb-salvage techniques, and re constructive surgery.

Surgical options we offer include:

  • Unique flaps, grafts
  • Contact casting and grafting
  • Charcot reconstruction (limb salvage)
  • Staged limb salvage
  • Vascular studies
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Platelet Rich plasma for wound healing
  • Stem Cell Therapy