Dr. Sanjay M Vaidya (MBBS, MS (General Surgery), M ch (Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery), FICS, P. G. Diploma Laser Medicine & Surgery) (Russia), is a practicing Plastic, Cosmetic and Diabetic Foot surgeon from Mumbai and has put in about 26 years of private practice. He is attached to several leading hospitals in Mumbai and is a visiting consultant surgeon at “Sanitas Hospital” in Tanzania.

He is also the Project Manager for national initiative of Diabetic Foot Society of India – “ National Wound Care Project” across India. The aim of this project is to train post graduate medical/surgical students and nurses in modern wound care training with comprehensive inputs and hands on training workshops. This project is funded by World Diabetic Foundation and accredited by European Wound Management Association.

There are very few specialized Foot Care and Wound Care Clinics in India. Foot/Ankle problems and non-healing wounds are not considered a very major medical problem.

Currently, wound care is a neglected field in India except in few selected institutes in the country. As the incidence of Diabetes and Diabetic Foot ulcer increases, this lacuna is likely to pose serious challenge for public health system.

Therefore, Dr. Sanjay felt the need to start a state of the art specialised Foot Clinic dealing exclusively with foot, ankle & wound problems in diabetics, sportsmen, athletes and also general population with various foot related problems, seeing the increasing number of patients with foot related problems.

The mission is to provide prompt diagnosis, treatment, management, customised orthotics & footwear and patient education. His ultimate goal is to heal patients as quickly and safely as possible and to prevent further complications & amputations!!

With this mission and goal, a team of professionals led by Dr. Sanjay Vaidya, came together to start this Advanced Foot Care and Wound Management Centre with state of the art treatments, modalities and technologies to cater to foot problems, wound care and complications in diabetics.



Dr. Poonam Tuteja (MBBS), (C. Diab), FootCare Specialist

Dr. Poonam Tuteja Malhotra, has undergone a certification course in “Diabetology” and “The Physician Wound Certification Course”. She has been trained in one of the best and reputed Diabetic Centres which is affiliated to International Diabetes federation (IDF) and World Health Organisation (WHO). She has undergone a special foot care training at Institute National de podologue, Paris in France.
As a foot and wound care specialist her focus is on evaluation, management, education and counselling of diabetic patients for prevention of foot related problems. Independently, she also handles treatment and management of acute and chronic wounds.



Ms. Binjal Shah (B.P.O) Binjal is a professional Orthotist and Prosthetist with a special focus on rehabilitation. She has completed her bachelor’s degree from Govt. Spine institute from Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Gujarat. Her expertise is in evaluation of lower limb problems mainly gait-posture assessment/ biomechanics and helping patients for correction/ prevention of their foot problems by making customized orthotics and suggesting various foot care solutions and exercises.



Mr, Sandip Kadam, a post-graduate in marketing, with 7 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, leads  the marketing aspect of feet first clinic, sun vision and buffy coat companies. Due to his vast experience in wound management and in-depth knowledge, he  undoubtedly enables in delivering quality and timely services . His dedication and commitment in microscopically visualizing every step of the wound management procedure ensures the company’s progress.



Mr, Pushkar Chincholikar, a post-graduate in marketing, leads Feet First Clinic’s efforts for providing comprehensive footwear and foot care solutions to patients.


Feet First Clinic Team is thankful to our mentor Dr. Arun Bal for his encouragement, support and guidance.