Foot Pressure Scanning


Foot Bio-mechanics Foot Pressure Mapping (Podia Scan)

FootWork Pro is a definitive clinical pressure measurement plate and is ideal for doctor patient interactions and education. Advanced technology allows the FootWork Pro plates to measure pressure and force distribution accurately with high speed and high resolution.Featuring both dynamic and staticmodules

FootWork Pro is a lightweight plantar pressure measurement device which records all the relevant information needed to analysethe foot’s behaviour.

Straightforward interpretation of the foot’s function is displayed through high quality graphics. These include highlighting the centre ofpressure, COP (Gait Line) and maximum pressure throughout plantar contact. With use of superior capacitive sensors one canbe sure of its accuracy and reliability.

FootWork Pro  Static Analysis

Accurate interpretation of the foot’s behaviour is simple as the centre and point of maximum pressure istracked (concurrently) and displayed throughout plantar contact.

  1. Image presented on the display is the average of the data collected.
  2. Indicated location of maximum and average pressures.
  3. Pressure distribution front and back , left and right and also by specific areas.
  4. Measurements of distances and angles.

FootWork Pro – Stabilometric Ananlysis

Advanced posturographic analysis:
Quantifies sway in Frontal and Sagittal perspectives. Ellipses of the centres of pressure.
Oscillation front and sagittal plane.
Ratio of the areas and time for the frontal and sagittal plane.

FootWork Pro-Dynamic analysis

The patient walks several times on the pressure plate in 2 directions. Footwork automatically makes the differences between right and left foot and can record all the steps and it proposes the step nearest to the average. It is possible to see all the recorded curves, steps all at the same time.

Compares the feet: average and maximum pressures, duration of support of the step and the integral pressure/time.

Ability to zoom and compare the studied area, with display of forces, surfaces and pressures. For every area : surface and integral pressure/time in % compared to the total curve. Maximum and average pressures and duration of support, values and %.

Determination of different phases of the step frame by frame or by using the curve of force (with comparison of a predetermined“normal” step).

Clinical Applications

  1. Evaluation of pressure distribution in orthostatic condition.
  2. Patient’s posturographic / stabilometry Analysis in static condition.
  3. Assessment of evolution of the pressure during the dynamic phase of a step.
  4. Measurement of maximum pressure and time of contact on the ground.
  5. Assessment of foot areas at risk
  6. Designing of customised plantar orthosis.