In-growing Toe Nails




Non-Surgical application of nail brace for correction of in-growing toe nails. A nail bracing system is used to relieve the pressure that causes pain and discomfort of inflamed tissue around the toenail. It utilises a system of steel pins and adhesive fixed locking pins to gently lift the outer edges of the toenail upward and outward.

This provides not only instant relief, but reduces the likelihood of further problems by training the nail to grow in a more natural state.


An adhesive nail brace is attached to the ingrown or involuted toe-nail before it is tightened. Subsequently, the integrated wire is activated and gently pulls the nail rims from the nail fold. This enables to effectively treat ingrown and severely involuted toe-nails in a particularly gentle manner. The nail brace aides healthy growth of the toe-nail. The treatment with the nail brace does not affect the everyday life of the patient.




Surgical treatment of in-growing toe nail involves minor surgery under local anaesthesia. A small cut is made on either side of the nail to remove the in-growing portion of the toe nail including the root. The nail bed of the in-grown portion is cauterised with CO2 laser to avoid recurrence.