Corns and Callosities


20140320_155123  Callosity-RemovalTreatment using a powerful, high performance and easy to use podiatry drill without anesthetia and surgery. A simple procedure which may need multiple seatings. Very safe in patients with vasculopathy and neuropathy.








Case 1- Callus


Callosity-Before Treatment    Callosity-After Treatment


Case 2- Big Callus Due to Pressure


Before Treatment                  Non-surgical Debridement      After Debridement            4 Days after Debridement


Case 3- Callosity with Bleeding Underneath


Before Treatment                   Callosity After Treatment


Case 4- Callus with Bleeding and a Big Wound Underneath


Before Treatment                    After Treatment                   Healed Wound




Corns on the plantar aspect


Before Treatment                    After Treatment                   Before Treatment                   After Treatment